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Qualified Assistance In Modifying An Existing Family Court Order

After a divorce, child custody, child support or alimony (spousal support) order is entered, change inevitably occurs. Families grow and change. This is why the established court order should also change to reflect any new circumstances. If you are on either side of a modification issue, the law firm of Stuart C. Axilbund, Attorney at Law, will provide valuable advice and advocacy. Founding attorney, Stuart C. Axilbund, has nearly 30 years of experience and will make sure you understand your rights and options while pursuing the best outcomes for you and your family.

Requesting A Modification

Modifications can be necessary for a variety of family law orders, such as:

In order to obtain a modification, there must be a material change of circumstances for either party since the time of the original order. Factors that are often considered include change of income or employment situation; change of health care, child care or educational expenses; requests to move out of state; and others. Mr. Axilbund will help clients on both sides of a modification request determine what to expect and pursue outcomes in their best interests.

Trusted Legal Assistance In Post-Divorce Modifications

Modifications always need to be handled through the court in order to ensure they are enforceable. If you do not get the court’s approval to modify a standing order, you or another party may be held in contempt. Know your rights and learn about the modification process by calling Mr. Axilbund at 410-670-8425 or by contacting the firm online and scheduling a consultation. Appointments are available between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., with evening hours by request.

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