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The law office of Stuart C. Axilbund, Attorney at Law, is a Maryland firm focused on providing exceptional family law services to clients throughout Baltimore and the surrounding areas. The firm handles the complex issues involved with child support determinations, whether clients are seeking or paying child support.

Firm founder, Stuart Axilbund, understands the many concerns clients have when going through divorce or dealing with child support disputes. His firm represents parents who are divorcing, as well as single parents. Mr. Axilbund has nearly 30 years of experience and is dedicated to protecting all clients’ rights.

Clients trust the firm to provide guidance and advocacy in child support proceedings. Mr. Axilbund will pursue his clients’ interests, explain the steps of the process and set expectations for what clients might encounter.

Understanding Child Support

Child support is necessary to ensure children have the care and resources they need from their parents.

  • Maryland, like every other state, has specific guidelines used to determine child support amounts for parents with a combined monthly income of less than $10,000. Family courts will take into account factors such as income of both parties, daycare expenses and health care expenses for the children.
  • For parents who make more than $10,000 per month combined, the courts have more discretion and may consider factors such as the children’s needs, lifestyle and parental income.
  • Every client’s situation is different. Some cases involve analyzing income from self-employment, commissions, seasonal employment or other special considerations. Unemployment, underemployment and other forms of income must also be considered. For every client, the firm’s goal is to provide an accurate account of their circumstances to pursue fair child support amounts.

If you are seeking assistance with initial child support determinations, enforcement or modification, Stuart C. Axilbund, Attorney at Law, can help you.

You Deserve Fair Results In Child Support Matters

Learn more about how child support is handled during a divorce, or between parents who have never been married. Mr. Axilbund can evaluate your situation and determine the potential outcomes you are facing. To further discuss your specific case and needs, call 410-670-8425 or contact the firm online and schedule a consultation. Appointments are available between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., with evening hours by request.

The firm’s office is located within a few blocks of the Baltimore County Circuit courts. Free parking is provided. Credit cards — Visa and MasterCard — are accepted. German translation is available.